Funny story. When I started this comic ages ago, I ended all my file names in “01,” “02,” etc., not planning ahead for when I might hit page one hundred and break that naming convention. Well no matter, because when I finally got there, I started ending my files with “H00,” “H01,” etc., because the H would put all my new files in the correct alphabetical order relative to the pre-100 pages. Now that I’m past 200, I’m using “T” to represent that digit. This page, for example, is file “madteaT01.jpg.” Fortunately, there will never be a page 300, so my increasingly complicated naming convention won’t have to find a way around that hurdle.

The moral of the story is, end your comics files with three digit numbers, everybody.

(Edit: in the final revision of these pages for print, I fixed this. This is now “amadteaparty208.jpg.”