Ours is not the only culture to have combined words and pictures to tell stories with drama and depth. This story is my take on the comics potential of Aztec (or Mexica) and Mayan cosmology and culture. Imagine a world with powerful empires, huge cities built on trade, and three thousand years of remembered history, but where even the wheel doesn’t exist. A world where heroes step in and out of legend and magicians transform themselves at will. Mol Kupul lives in this world. He is a man plagued with visions of his own destruction, torn between death and life.

In approximately one month, Lords of Death and Life will be re-printed in a new, expanded version with the help of the Xeric Foundation! This is going to be the new cover. I’m pretty excited. Keep an eye out because I’m going to have to get off my butt and open up an online store for this thing when I finally get it.