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Cloudscape Comics is running a project right now called Comics in Transit, with comics by a number of local comickers posted in bus shelters around Vancouver. The space is gigantic so I made a gigantic comic!

The Bow Church Housemates is a fictionalized version of real events from the time I lived in East London. London has always been a city of immigrants. It was founded by Roman invaders, after all, and since then has been host to North African legionaries, Anglo-Saxon and Norman conquerors, French Huguenots, Dutch puritans, Caribbean pirates, kidnapped West African royalty, ex-slaves, Irish migrants, South Asian sailors, discredited European intellectuals, Jewish refugees, and the descendants of a hundred former colonies. That can make things messy sometimes, but, it wouldn’t be London without the constant arrival of new people. Including this one Canadian cartoonist too self-conscious to include himself in his own auto-biography.