What if… new comic?

Actually this is an old comic. Old enough that I think I can post it here, although I only plan to post the first few pages. For one thing, the anthology that this book is in, FTL, Y’All!, is really excellent and you should buy and read the whole thing. For another, not all of this comic fits the content warning I’ve posted on the front of my website. But regardless, Words from the Dead is one of the comics I’m most proud of, and you deserve at least a sample.

The premise of the anthology is, and I quote, “Six months from now detailed schematics anonymously uploaded to the internet will describe, clearly and thoroughly, how to build a working faster-than-light engine from $200 worth of easily-available parts. Space travel will be instantly– and chaotically– democratized. The entire cosmos will suddenly be placed within reach of all of humankind– without organization, authority, or limitation. This anthology is about what happens next.”

And in my story, that means amateur space archaeologists with a youtube channel.