There are many reasons why this page is late. One relatively minor reason is no doubt how much time I’ve spent in the last few days watching internet videos of the unfolding catastrophe in Japan. Like many other comickers, I am enthralled by Japan, even if I’ve never been there (the inside of Narita Airport doesn’t count). This comic would not exist without Japan. There is not much I feel I can do against the awesome forces of nature unleashed against the Japanese people. There is not much I feel I can say, either. I was in a major earthquake once, in Taiwan in 1999, and though I can well remember the tension of that night and the following weeks of aftershocks, my situation was really quite different. There was no tsunami and no nuclear threat. My life was never in danger. I was not near the epicentre. And even if I had been, Taiwan’s 1999 quake registered at 7.0 compared to Sendai’s 9.0. The way the Richter scale works, that means the Sendai quake was one hundred times bigger. There is no comparison.

If you really want to read a few words by some comic artists who have been to Japan and know what they’re talking about better than I do, I suggest either Jeff Ellis or JJ McCullough, who have both lived in the country and have friends there that they are still in contact with.