Let’s just assume they’ve been calling her Yui-Sama the whole way through the book (If I put tags everywhere they would actually go in Japanese, this book would be a pain to read in English).

And that, gentle readers, is that! There is one more page left, which I will post next week on schedule, but it’s just an end-paper and not new story material. You have now reached the end of A Mad Tea-Party. I hope it was worth the trip.

MY time with this story isn’t done yet, though. Please be sure to come back in September, because my next task is to assemble all of A Mad Tea-Party into one collected 288-page graphic novel, and I’m gonna need YOUR help to raise the money to print it! The impending arrival of a popular online fundraiser site to Canada (finally) perfectly coincides with my sudden need for thousands of book-printing dollars, so watch out! September’s gonna be a crazy month.